About Us


A unique setting where you can join me on my journey to be happy & healthy. We offer an eclectic variety of unique items, many created by local artisans. Nice items at affordable prices.

Sitting Room

We have special interest groups that meet monthly. We also use the room for instructional, personal development and training classes. The room is available for rent for a two-hour block for $15 which includes free WiFi and a Smart TV. You may also bring your laptop, tablet, or phone and use the room privately during the day if you need a quiet place to read or study while enjoying a cup of tea. When the room isn’t in use, it doubles as a luxury dressing room!

Healthy Shakes & Vitamin Shop

We are set up to make healthy meal replacement shakes along with an energizing tea for $6. You can’t go to a fast food joint for that price! We can work with you on a nutrition program and provide wellness coaching. You may also enjoy a tea sample from our gourmet sipping tea inventory. And of course, the staples…..coffee and hot chocolate are available.